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Effective May 16, 2016, Islamic Schools will Accommodate All Muslim Children from Fort McMurray

Numbers of families residing in various centers are as follow; 

University of Calgary -Olympus Hall-Behind Alma Hotel

100 families

SAIT - SAIT Tower & Senator Burns Building

30 families

Ambrose University (near Westside Recreation Center)

30 families

Mount Royal University - Student Housing -West of Mt Royal Recreation Center

30 families

After having discussion with brothers and sisters main concern with the families were education of the kids and its continuation. With the help from Almighty ALLAH SWT MCC has been able to accommodate number of kids to Islamic School in Calgary.

On top of that we have been able to provide assistance and support to all the people. One truck full of gifts raised by community has been distributed among people of Fort McMurray in Edmonton. MCC will distribute the gifts on behalf of the Muslim community in Calgary next weekend.

MCC will be hosting a dinner on behalf of community for the people affected by Fort McMurray Fire next weekend. Further communication about this will be available as soon as plans are finalized.

MCC would like to thanks all the volunteers and centers that are working tirelessly to help and accommodate our brother and sisters here in Calgary.

On behalf of the MCC and MCFC

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