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Condemnation of Orlando Mass Murder

Muslim Council of Calgary condemns all violence directed towards innocent human beings, irrespective of race, gender, religion, culture or ethnicity. Taking law into ones own hand and perpetrate violence and terror in the name of a religion, which literally means peace, is deplorable and un-acceptable act! We all need to identify and fight against this evil that twists and bends scripture and narrations to achieve its heinous ideology!

Such acts of deranged, criminal and misguided individuals do not represent 1.6 billion Muslims who are equally and deeply saddened by these events. Our hearts and prayers are with people of Orlando at this time of grief and loss. We pray and wish that such atrocities are not repeated anywhere else in the world. Media outlets have been affiliating the shooter as a Muslim yet we Muslims and Islam dont want to be associated and affiliated with these kind of people.

Muslim Council of Calgary will also like to call upon all Canadians of any religion, culture or ethnicity to stay alert for any hints of violence towards anyone. Together we should stand guard to protect our communities and our country against these evil forces.

Muslim Council of Calgary

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