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Condemnation of Suicide Blasts in Saudi Arabia and Iraq

Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) and its affiliate organizations condemn the recent barbaric attacks of terrorists in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of victims in both countries. We offer our deepest condolences to all those affected. Four separate suicide attacks took place over the last 24 hours, which resulted in precious loss of life during the sacred month of Ramadan. At this point the number of casualties that resulted from this horrific incident in Saudi Arabia is still unclear but in Baghdad the loss leaves us speechless.

According to the media outlets one blast took place outside Prophet’s Mosque (Masjid–an-Nabwi) right before the Iftar time and resulted in 4 casualties. Another attack took place in right outside the US consulate that resulted in 2 casualties Two other blasts took place in various parts of the Kingdom where a suicide bomber blew himself right outside the Shia mosque.  In Baghdad the tragedy is even more, with over 165 dead and more than 225 injured.

Muslim Council of Calgary condemns all violence directed towards innocent human beings, irrespective of race, gender, religion, culture or ethnicity. To Perpetrate violence and terror in the name of a religion, which literally means peace, is deplorable and an un-acceptable act!

We pray and wish that such atrocities are not repeated anywhere else in the world.  Media outlets have been describing the attackers as Muslims but these attacks prove beyond any doubt that these folks cannot be Muslims.

We all need to stand guard and be vigilant to counter these threats but at the same time work together to expose these elements that have nothing to do with Islam

Muslim Council of Calgary

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